The weekend has been interesting. And i promise to make up for the missing parts.


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You may be sick of hearing of Mr. Smarty Pants and his recent obsession with motorbikes. I'll keep it short this time but i just wanted to say...i love it and it's terrifying all at once. Especially in rush hour traffic. I'm sitting upon this fiery little machine that happens to have 2 wheels attached and from which i hang on for dear life. It gives a wonderful new appreciation to arriving at what would otherwise be mundane destinations. I was also cursed at by my first truck driver. I guess that makes me christened. Yay.
Today i was at work at the hospital when i was told a letter arrived for me. "Hmm"...i said. "A letter..?? for me..?? here..?" Mr. Smarty Pants stood with his his head cocked waiting for Rod Serling to suddenly appear from the shadows and explain his demise to an unseen audience. Now this is a bit strange i thought. The letter hand written to me (of course i'll use my pseudonym you silly...) Had a return address but the name simply said Winnie the Pooh. Inside the envelope was an index card. On the top left hilighted in orange was my name. And the card read as follows: "I have a lot of problems and pain day by day. Feel very bad and want to see you again" Signed Winnie the Pooh. On the other side of the card was written "5 minuta" Now this is interesting. Mr. Smarty Pants is intrigued. What could this mean..?? Who is this person..?? There is always a mystery to solve. Always. Tomorrow is Friday. At last. Friday.


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Cycling is fun and terrifying in NYC. Especially as a beginner. I picked up my bike on Tuesday during lunch and slowly navigated down 11th. ave. annoying the traffic behind me and breaking out in a sweat that has only been heard about in myth. But i did make it back to work impressing myself and my co-workers. Later that evening...or night as i left my nite job at the clinic in the east village..i couldn't start my bike. I was frustrated and pissed. I was approaced by 2 Hell's Angels who witnessed my ire and versed me in the uses of the clutch. Soon i was on my way headed north on 1st. Ave. towards the Queensboro bridge...my bike was revving in a manner i considered unusual and discomforting. I stopped for a red light in front of the U.N. when i was approached by 2 German tourists who volunteered advice and asked if i checked on the "choke". I did and sure enough it was engaged so i disengaged it. "now it should run well" one of them said. They seemed so concerned i wanted to to make them dinner but i refrained...thanked them and was on my way. Then in midspan of the Queensbridge in the tight outer lane my bike stalled and would not restart. A yellow cab driven by a middle eastern man came up behind me. The driver looked out the window and said "You will die here if you stand there like that" "i can't start the bike" i replied helplessly. Then he said "Ok...you walk the bike and i will block traffic from behind" Luckily i was able to start the bike within a minute...waved to him earnestly and was on my way....again. It amazes me how sometimes people are actually quite nice. Mr. Smarty Pants was not quite ready for this but he is ever appreciative and feels quite fortunate for having a few of those "rare" kind NYC moments. Maybe i am a bit too jaded. Anyhow i rode the bike to work this morning without incident though AM rush hour is um.....impressive. And after work i biked to my moms to introduce her to my new form of transport. She readily approved and suggested i have it blessed A.S.A.P. I asked her to give me a list of Catholic Garages and she laughed while giving me that "silly blasphemous boy" look. I love my mom...she gave me gas money...she told me she always wanted to give me gas money. Is that neat or what..??
At this very moment......life is pretty Ok for Mr. Smarty Pants. In all truth the motorbike is just another way for Mr. Smarty Pants to rely less on anything or anyone. The road to "hermitude" is one that constantly narrows and infinitely lengthens......

Here's to freedom and tunnel vision....


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Today i got the bike. No disasters and we are still getting to know each other. Mr. Smarty Pants got home a short while ago from his biker adventures and hasn't eaten since breakfast almost 16 hours ago...he's running on gasoline fumes and giddiness. Tomorrow a more detailed account of todays event's as well as tomorrow's events as an added bonus. (oh...yay...)
So till tomorrow Mr. Smarty Pants says goodnite...and bon fortune...


The unbearable lightness of being.

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So the bike wasn't ready today as they were still waiting for tags. That was probably for the best as Mr. Smarty Pants was inordinately nervous about the thought of midtown traffic and it's effect on a green cyclist. I also had to flake out on my friends wedding on the 24th. My primary reason being that if i had to wear a suit in this heat i would die. Or at least i would wish i were dead. I can somehow manage to perspire in mid-february in the nude during an ice storm so wearing a suit in august would be nothing less than torture for me. And besides i've become a bit fixated on the whole motorcycle idea so i've been putting my "interpersonal" (snicker...) relations on the back burner. In fact most of my life is on the back burner while the front burner is completely empty and spotless from disuse. I should get rid of it entirely. In fact...i'll put that on the back burner as well. That back burner is getting a bit crowded i must say. Now for my views on the socio-political front.....or you may call it world news in a nutshell:
The economy sucks. The middleast peace (Ha...!) plan sucks. Religion continues to suck albeit in various planes of existance. The "war" sucks...correction...all wars suck. Television sucks big time in a serious fashion with grand style. The McDonalds dollar menu also sucks but we all knew that. And my beloved Mets still suck but they get an "A" for consistency.
An odd thought....i saw that movie "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" with my girlfriend at the time at her Bryn Mawr college theater or something....anyhow, i still can't figure it out.
But the title is pretty neat huh..?? (a butthead moment)


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Yesterday was my third set of cycle lessons and things went better. I successfully navigated the cones at last. I also befriended a fellow student from Jamaica ( both the island and the area of Queens) and she helped me with my stalling problem. The advice was the cycle equivalent to >"close your eyes and open your mind" As it stands i may get my bike within the next 24-48 hours. And i would have to ride it from midtown manhattan into queens. Needless to say Mr. Smarty Pants is a bit nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach. Actually i have Luna Moths in my stomach. (they being much larger and irritating to the belly...) Nonetheless.....as mom has said...i am a hands on type of guy......let's hope my hands are functional. And worse come to worst at least i work for a good orthopaedic hospital. FYI...if i don't blog in 2 days..send for help...i should be ok but i may be a bit tied up.
Oh...and get this...my "abused" friend is pissed at me because she says i seem to have no time for her......
At the moment i can't even think up a witty comeback.