Well.....Mr. Smarty Pants is taking his first motorcycle lesson this morning. And i'm quite excited about it. I can't even drive a car...i never wanted to. More updates to come...wish me luck....


Today was almost uneventful...until i opened my mailbox. There was a manila envelope from the Red Cross. It contained a "certificate of appreciation" and a pin commemorating 9-11.
then it all came back. I had taken a month off from work so that i could volunteer for the red cross. I had lost 3 friends on that day. I think of them every day just as a promise that they would never be forgotten. Larry Virgilio was a firefighter and a fellow therapist. He had offered me his home when i was going through a very difficult time. I'll never forget how many times i saw him biking home on the Queensbridge or along 43rd. ave on the way home waving to me as he went by. Mitch Wallace had driven me home a few times after long nites out. Always a gentleman. Both were engaged to be married. Both were better men than i....and i knew this even before their demise. Marion Cameron was a patient i treated at home. She was homebound and lived within view of the WTC. She had told me how much she feared dying alone. She had lived so much of her life alone but she feared going that way. In that sense we had a lot in common. She died alone at home with no one to reach her. This is not much but this post is for them. I won't ever forget them. The ones below are just a few:

The following is a list of FDNY firefighters who gave their lives or are missing serving the city of New York at the World Trade Center:

Joseph Agnello, Brian Ahern, Eric Allen, Richard Allen, James Amato, Calixto Anaya Jr., Joseph Angelini Sr., Joseph Angelini Jr., Faustino Apostol Jr., David Arce, Louis Arena, Carl Asaro, Gerald Atwood, Matthew Barnes, Gerald Atwood, Matthew Barnes, Gerald Baptiste, Gerald Barbara, Arthur Barry, Carl Bedigian, Stephen Belson, John Bergin, Paul Beyer, Peter Biefeld, Brian Bilcher, Carl Bini, Christopher Blackwell, Michael Bocchino, Frank Bonomo, Gary Box, Michael Boyle, Kevin Bracken, Michael Brennan, Peter Brennan, Daniel Brethel, Patrick Brown, William Burke Jr, Andrew Brunn, Ronald Bucca, Greg Buck, Donald Burns, John Burnside, Thomas Butler, Patrick Byrne, George Cain, Salvatore Calabro, Michael Cammarata, Brian Cannizzaro, David Cardinale, Dennis Carey, Michael Carlo, Michael Carroll, Thomas Casoria, Michael Cawley, Vernon Cherry, Nicholas Chiofalo, John Chipura, Michael Clarke, Peter Carroll, Joseph Angelini, Steven Coakley, Lawrence Cohen, Tarel Coleman, John Collins, Robert Cordicce, Ruben Correa, James Coyle, Robert Crawford, John Crisci, Dennis A. Cross, Thomas Cullen III, Robert Curatolo, Edward D'Atri, Michael Dauria, Scott Davidson, Edward Day, Manuel Delvalle, Martin Demeo, David Derubbio, Dennis Devlin, Gerard Dewan, George Dipasquale, Kevin Dowdell, Ray Downey, Gerald Duffy, Michael Elferis, Francis Esposito, Michael Esposito, Robert Evans, Jack Fanning, Thomas Farino, Terrance Farrell, Joseph Farrelly, Lee Fehling, Alan Feinberg, Frank Fiore, Michael Fiore, John Fischner, Andre Fletcher, John Florio, Thomas Foley, David Fontana, Robert Foti, Andrew Fredricks, Thomas Gambino Jr., Cheif of Dept. Ganci, Thomas Gardner,Thomas Garner, Matthew Garvey, Bruce Gray, Joe Grizlack, Gary Geidel, Denis German, James Giberson, Ronnie Gies, Paul Gill, Vincent Giammona, Jeffery Giordano, Keith Glascoe, James Gray, Joe Grzelak, Jose Guadalupe, David Halderman, Robert Hamilton, John Giordano (1), Sean Hanley, Thomsa Hannafin, Dana Hannon, Daniel Harlin, Harvey Harrell, Stephen Harrell, Timothy Haskell, Michael Haub, Terry Hatton, Mike Healey, John Heffernan, Ronnie Henderson, Joseph Henry, William Henry, Brian Hickey, Tim Higgins, John Hohmann, Thomas Holohan, Joseph Hunter, Jonathan Ielpi, Fredrick Ill Jr., William Johnston, Andrew Jordan, Karl Joseph, Angel Juarbe Jr., Fr. Mychal Judge, Vincent Kane, Paul Keating, Thomas Kelly (L15), Thomas Kelly (L105), Thomas Kelly Jr., Thomas Kennedy,Ronald T. Kerwin, Michael Kiefer, Robert King Jr., William Krukowski, Scott Kopytko, Kenneth Kumpel, Thomas Kuveikis, David Laforge, William Lake, Robert Lane, Peter Langone, Scott Larsen, Joseph G. Leavey, Neil Leavy, Daniel Libretti, Carlos Lillo (FDNY EMS B-49), Robert Linnane, Michael Lynch (L4), Michael Lynch (E40), Michael Lyons, Patrick Lyons, Joseph Maffeo, William Mahoney, Joseph Maloney, Kenneth Marino, Charles Margiotta, Joseph Marchbanks Jr., John Marshell, Paul Martini, Joseph Mascali, Keithroy Maynard, Brian Mcaleese, John Mcavoy, Thomas Mccann, William McGinn, Dennis Mchugh, Robert McMahon, Robert McPadden, Terence McShane, Timothy McSweeney, Raymond Meisenheimer, Charles Mendez, Steve Mercado, Douglas Miller, Henry Miller Jr., Robert Minara, Paul Mitchell, Thomas Mingione, Louis Modafferi, Manuel Mojica, Carl Molinaro, Michael Montesi, Vincent Morello, Christopher Mozzillo, Richard Muldowney Jr., Michael Mullan, Dennis Mulligan, Raymond Murphy, John Napolitano, Peter Nelson, Gerard Nevins, Dennis Oberg, Douglas Oblschlager, Joseph Ogren, Samuel Oitice, Patrick O’Keefe (1), Eric Olsen, Jeffery Olsen, Steven Olsen, Jeffery Palazzo, Orio J. Palmer, Frank Palombo, Paul Pansini, James Pappageorge, Robert Parro, Durrell Pearsall, Kevin Pfeiffer, Christopher Pickford, Kenneth Phelan, Shawn Powell, Vincent Princiotta, Kevin Prior, Richard Prunty, Lincoln Quappe, Kevin Orourke, Michael Otten, Ricardo Quinn (FDNY EMS B-57), Leonard Ragaglia, Michael Ragusa, Edward Rall, Adam Rand, Donald Regan, Christian Regenhard, James Richies, Joseph Rivelli Jr., Kevin Reilly, Michael Roberts (L35), Michael Roberts (E214), Anthony Rocco Jr., Anthony Rodriquez, Matthew Rogan, Nichlas Rossomando, Paul Rubach, Stephen Russell, Michael T. Russo, Mathhew L. Ryan, Thomas Sabella, Christopher Santora, John Santore, Gregory Saucedo, Dennis Scauso, John Schardt, Thomas Schoales, Gerald Schrang, Gregory Silorsky, Stephen Siller, Stanely Smagala Jr., Kevin Smith, Leon Smith Jr., Robert Spear Jr., Joseph Spor, Timothy Stackpole, Gregory Stajk, Benjamin Suarez, Brian Sweeney, Sean Tallon, Allen Tarasiewicz, Paul Tegtmeirer, John Tierney, John Tipping II, Hector Tirado Jr., Richard VanHine, Francis Vaskis, Peter Vega, Lawrence Veling, John Vigiano II, Sergio Villanueva, Lawrence Virgilio, Jeffery Walz, Kenneth Watson,Michael Weinberg, David Weiss, Timothy Welty, Eugene Whelan, Edward White, Mark Whiteford, Martin McWilliams, Daniel Suhr, Michael Warchola, Michael Weinberg, Glenn Wilkinson, Raymond York.


What to do......

Mr. Smarty Pants is in a bit of a funk today. My "friends" have flaked out on seeing Goldmember tonite and i don't want to go alone. That's the kinda movie you like to share. Anyhow...rather than going it alone i think i'll cycle a bit as the day is perfect and i put some new city slickers on my bike which i wish i had done years ago...not to mention the rush i get when i go down the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg bridge and then come to a screeching halt. ya........that's what i'll do...



So...off from work for the rest of this week. Still i was up my 6:30 as Bonzai was giving me a scalp massage with his claws when they suddenly became entangled. Spooky sat by the bed nonchalantly looking bemused and Toutbeau (the old mutt) looked typically overjoyed at the act of my getting up. First i fed them Spooky is the only finicky one. He thinks he's Morris or something. When i placed the chicken and rice in front of him he looked up at me and said "...this is not what i ordered..." and proceeded to walk away with his tail up in the air. I gave him my patent response "hey..!!! screw you cat..!" He paused to turn and look at me....rolled his eyes (i swear) and walked away. Meanwhile Toutbeau gives me this look like " i told you about cats...they are all the same...shoulda listened.." Great...my dog is a racist. Ok...i had my 3 cups of cafe con leche, smoked a ciggie, and after i shower i'll figure out how to avoid any necessary tasks while honing my skills at procrastination. Maybe catch a movie in Astoria...i would go the Center...but that once elegant 300 seat theater was converted into 6 small theaters each with a couple of "sofas". It's like paying money to see a movie in my apartment with 10 strangers...bah....

Terror at the top of the stairs....

This evening on the way home from White Castles...i was coming up the stairs toward my apartment when at the top of the flight i spotted....a waterbug
. This was no ordinary waterbug. This one was a Jedi
. It was about a size 10 and definitely an adult as it wore a wedding band on it's third left leg. I paused upon spotting it. In all truth i fear nothing...except waterbugs. You see....we share a long history. Apparently in my youth my father had betrayed a particularly influential one. And as vengeance they promised to hunt down all who carried his name. So ever since...waterbugs have hunted me down like six legged Boba Fett's relentless in their search for me.
Anyways...back to the story...this Jedi bug stood at the top of the stairs ready to pounce. I was unarmed...but ever resourceful i took off my belt
and prepped myself for battle (my neighbor described it as a hysterical siezure but i assured her it was part of my martial arts protocol.) I charged up the stairs and swung at it but it moved with blazing speed avoiding my blows. I ran towards my door keys in hand as i saw it turn towards me...it's antennae
still....and it charged as i pushed my apartment door open...i made it in just in time and locked the door behind me...my pets completely oblivious to the menace.
The bastards have found me....i may have to move on.